4 Environmentally Friendly Ways To Reinforce And Protect Earth Structures

Environmentally friendly reinforced earth Adding earth structures is a great way to add resistance and protection surrounding both land and water, but earth structures, being made partially from vegetation, can be eroded over time and are not as solid as stone or brick. It’s important to keep your earth structure reinforced and supported before problems become apparent. So what is the best way to do that? There are four methods that we recommend. Let’s run through them.


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1.Recycled materials

Recycled materials, such as recycled plastic or steel make great reinforcing materials thanks to their stable structure and low likelihood of eroding. Recycled materials also ensure that you are not adding to land pollution, and can stay in place for years on end.

2.Natural fibres

Vegetable fibres such as jute make great reinforcements because they gradually break down over time and feed directly into the earth structure. This means they are fully biodegradable and the wall benefits directly from their properties. Bugs feed on natural fibres which then, in turn, helps to promote increased biodiversity.


On the other hand, you may have even better results by incorporating greenery into the walls. Grass and other natural greenery produce oxygen which improves air quality, and attracts insects, bees and butterflies which encourage enhanced biodiversity. If you choose to support your earth structure with greenery, you can employ hydroseeding to cover the area quickly and efficiently, and you may even wish to add wildflowers into the seed mix to brighten your earth structure up!

4.Drainage systems

Harsh weather conditions can seriously impact an earth structure – particularly one that is new and not yet fully reinforced. High winds and strong rain can dislodge large sections of the structure, wash away insects that have nested there, and otherwise completely disrupt any other reinforcements you may have put in place. Adding a rain protector or a green roof to act as a sustainable drainage system will help to manage heavy rainfall or stormy weather that could adversely affect your earth structure, whilst also allowing you to redirect the rainwater however you like, and can help to reduce the impact on nearby drains and sewers.

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The above four ways are the best ways to reinforce earth structures for a stronger, longer-lasting wall. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of earth structures such as vegetated wall systems, click here to read our corresponding blog. Alternatively, perhaps you’d like to learn about what other green solutions we can offer - if you fill out our enquiry form, we’ll be in touch to learn all about your goals and how we can help you to achieve them.

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