The Importance Of Having A Flood Prevention System In New Build Estates

Flooded land due to not using flood prevention products

Flood prevention is important everywhere, but especially in high-risk areas like new build estates. As the population grows, the need for more homes also increases. However, because we’re running out of available land, many new homes are now being built in areas that are at a greater risk of flooding. Without careful management, this could very quickly lead to catastrophic damage. 

We all know how flooding can devastate families, from ruining their belongings to leaving them with huge repair bills to rendering them homeless. That’s why suitable flooding prevention systems should always be put into place, so let’s take a look at what these are below.

Ways To Prevent Flooding?

There are many different ways to protect homes from flooding. Let’s take a look at the most common first:

  • Removable barriers on doors and windows

  • Temporary seals for doors and air bricks

  • One-way valves on toilets and drainage pipes to decrease the risk of sewage backing up into a building during a flood

  • Pump and sump systems – these drain water from below floor level faster than it rises 

In high-risk areas, it’s important for property developers to also consider flood resilience tactics like:

  • Using ceramic or stone tiles rather than laminate or wood flooring

  • Raising electrical sockets to above 1.5m

  • Fitting stainless steel or solid wood kitchens instead of chipboard

  • Using UPVC rather than wooden-framed windows

What About Natural Flood Control?

Of course, with so much more focus now being placed on sustainability, it’s important to also consider flood prevention products that also have environmental benefits. Some examples include:

  • Sandbags filled with sand, soil and seeds – these can be used to construct flood protection bunds, helping to absorb flood waters whilst creating additional green spaces.

  • Planting trees - trees help to soak up rain and prevent surface runoff that can lead to flooding.

  • Changing the shape of the river - this is a bigger task but is one that local governments should consider. Restoring bends in rivers will reduce the likelihood of flooding.

  • Adding salt marshes to heavy water areas - salt marshes decrease the wave energy of the sea and can absorb excess rainwater during times of heavy rain.

The benefits of opting for natural flood prevention systems are:

  • Protects from flooding without causing environmental damage

  • Increases biodiversity by creating more habitats for wildlife

  • Purifies the air (compared to hard-engineered flood defences)

  • Cost efficient – opting for solutions like sandbags and trees can be much cheaper than other flood defence systems

For more information on how you can prevent flooding on a new build estate in an environmentally conscious way, contact GeoGrow at 01543 224 800.

Image Source: Pexels


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