Linmere Case Study

Rootlok Vegetated Retaining Wall System - A Sustainable Solution for Sheet Piling- Case Study by GeoGrow

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Client: Stonebond Properties

Contractor: GeoGrow®

Completed: 2024

Project Overview: 

  • Location: Bedfordshire
  • Client/Industry: Stonebond Properties

Project Requirements: The project involved the installation of a Rootlok Vegetated Retaining Wall System used as a vegetated facing solution to an existing sheet pile wall. GeoGrow were chosen for this task due to their expertise in green solutions with their ability to tailor the solution to suit the surrounding landscape and ecological considerations. 

Region of Project: Central Bedfordshire

The project was executed in two phases to accommodate the installation of the capping beam for the existing sheet piles before completing the Rootlok wall. The first phase involved construction from ground level up to approx. 1.6 meters, while the second phase was completed on scaffolding from approx. 1.6 meters to the final drawing levels.

Total wall area: 128m2 including Footings – 2.4m max height. Construction Details: Threaded bars with base plates were utilised, welded at approximately 420mm vertical intervals and 1.5m horizontals onto the existing sheet piles by our trusted subcontractor. The Rootlok elements were then built around these protruding pins. Upon installation of Rootlok, the pins were cut back and mesh was secured to the front face of the Rootlok wall. To secure the mesh, 100mm x 100mm steel plates were positioned over each protruding pin, with an M12 nut torqued onto the threaded bar to hold the plate and the mesh in place. Dome nuts were then used to cap off the bars, eliminating any exposed sharp edges for safety purposes.

Seed Specification and Environmental Considerations: The choice of a wildflower mix for pre-seeding the Rootlok bags was deliberate, aiming to integrate the Rootlok facing solution seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. This approach was particularly suited to the area's public open space, featuring footpaths, hedgerows, and significant wildlife presence. Overall, the project addressed the need for a secure facing solution, it also prioritised environmental compatibility and aesthetic harmony with the surrounding landscape.


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