If you wish to install the Rootlok system yourself, you can, and we will supply the installation guides as standard to help you complete the build with ease.

Furthermore if you are looking for that extra support we can also organise for one of our experienced supervisors to provide daily supervision at a small extra cost.

Our products are manufactured in the UK and the bags arrive to site prefilled on pallets from our manufactures along with the correct quantity of plates needed. Automation is used in the bag filling process to ensure each bag is the same size and weight.

We also offer an unfilled supply only system, This will be the option for those wanting to pack and fill the bags themselves and have the capabilities to do so but we must ask that the specification we provide is adhered to, to maximise vegetation.

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GeoGrow Rootlok Brochure
Rootlok Maintenance Guide
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Hydroseeding Brochure

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