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GeoGrow Hydroseeding UK

GeoGrow provides a nationwide in-house specialist hydroseeding service that supports our core retaining wall product Rootlok, a vegetated retaining wall system. The hydroseeding process is used to deliver fast and cost-effective vegetation for various types of applications like public open spaces, steep slopes, erosion protection and waterways. It is an ideal technique for difficult to reach areas, where traditional sowing methods are impractical, such as road embankments, rail, environmental and large projects.


​Due to its advantages and benefits over conventional seeded processes, hydroseeding is an ever increasing and go to technique for vegetating larger spaces and infrastructure works.

Retaining Walls & Vertical Sowing

Retaining Walls
& Vertical Sowing

Hydroseeding is the ideal
seeding option following the
installation of a retaining wall
such as Rootlok solution as it
quickly establishes vegetation
while saving time and money.

Lawley Phase 10 Pond Hydroseeding

Erosion Control

A tailored Hydroseed
package can be the perfect
solution to erosion control
when it comes to preventing
the movement of soil caused
by rainfall, snow, ice, irrigation
systems and other natural
elements. Not only this but it
also provides stability for
particles and nutrients that
will prolong and enhance the
quality of the soil.

Large Open Areas

Large Open Areas

Our state of the art
hydroseeding machinery are
purpose built to cover large
areas of land. Our machinery
has a reach of 140m at any
one time with a spray jet
distance of up to 15m.

Wild Flowers


Wildflower is essential for
improving and encouraging
biodiversity providing essential
habitats for pollinators such as
insects, birds and other
wildlife. Wildflower also has
the aesthetic benefit of
painting the quintessential
colourful picture of Britain that
we all know and love.

Our Process Small

Our Process

Hydroseeding is a method of combining water, high-performance thermally refined wood fibre, seeds, fertilisers and tackifiers. The materials are mixed in a hydroseeding machine to form a slurry, which is then sprayed onto surfaces to quickly establish vegetation. This process is sometimes referred to as hydro-mulching. 
The delivered mulch provides the ideal environment to achieve faster germination and a more even establishment of vegetation, providing greater seed contact with soils, geotextile bags and substrates (using erosion control products such as erosion control blankets, coir netting and high-performance turf reinforcement mats).


All our hydroseeding materials are 100% organic, biodegradable and non-toxic, making it suitable for all land and water course applications. Various grass seed mixes, including flowering shrubs and small tree species can be used to the clients specification using the hydroseeding method. Seed mixes including low-maintenance, shade and drought tolerant, riverbank mix, wildflower and amenity mixes are all suitable mixes for hydroseeding large open spaces and erosion control areas.

Our Quality Guarantee

GeoGrow Hydroseed use high-quality products in all of our hydroseeding applications to ensure you are left with a premium finish. Our experienced technicians are fully trained in a variety of applications which include open grassed areas, pond areas, water margins as well as Rootlok walls.

We are continuously looking to improve our products and our methods of installation. Our team of technicians and engineers are committed to the research and scientific collaboration with environmental strategist's for the betterment and development of a greener future.

GeoGrow understands the erosion control market combining ERC products & methods together with using our hydroseeding techniques as the medium to create sustainable vegetated areas. We use soft

bio-engineering and high performance techniques as a creditable alternative to hard armoured systems.

Lawley 7 Vegetated

Features & Benefits
Save Time & Money

  • Faster germination

  • Even and more controlled seed distribution

  • Protection for seeds in challenging conditions

  • Improved seed to soil binding

  • Soil stabilisation

  • Offers erosion control at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional erosion control methods

  • Uniform vegetation establishment

  • Minimal to no aftercare required

  • 100% organic, biodegradable and toxin-free (slurry materials only)

  • Quicker application than conventional seeding

  • Easily seeds large, steep and difficult access areas

  • Minimises risks involved when using conventional seeding methods on difficult sites and uneven ground