Rakes Park Case Study

A Case Study in Headwall Scour Protection and Hydroseeding by GeoGrow

Rakes Park Rootlok Installed


Client: David Wilson Homes

Contractor: GeoGrow®

Completed: 2024

Project Overview: 

  • Location: Rakes Park, Liverpool 
  • Client/Industry: David Wilson Homes  
  • Description: GeoGrow implemented Rootlok as scour protection around a headwall and hydroseeded swales as part of a development project in Liverpool. The use of Rootlok and hydroseeding aimed to prevent erosion and provide stability to the landscape. 

Challenges Site Faced: 

  • Scouring Risk: The site's terrain posed a risk of erosion, particularly around the headwall and swales. 
  • Stability Needs: Ensuring stability around critical infrastructure was essential to prevent damage and maintain functionality. 

Solution Implemented: 

  • Rootlok Installation: GeoGrow utilised Rootlok as scour protection, forming a stable medium for vegetation growth. 
  • Bespoke Design: The installation involved a customised design, grading into curved and undulating swales, with a transition to support material around manholes. 
  • Hydroseeding: In conjunction with Rootlok, hydroseeding was carried out using a mix of Earthguard Fibre Matrix and Pondedge/Wetland Grass and Wildflower seed mix to further enhance erosion control and vegetation establishment. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Erosion Prevention: Rootlok effectively prevented scouring, protecting the landscape and critical infrastructure. 
  • Stability Enhancement: The bespoke design ensured stability around the headwall and swales, reducing the risk of damage. 
  • Vegetation Establishment: Hydroseeding provided temporary erosion control and facilitated vegetation growth, creating a sustainable and biodiverse environment. 


Conclusion: The implementation of Rootlok as scour protection around the headwall and swales at Rakes Park showcased GeoGrow's commitment to innovative and effective solutions. By combining Rootlok with hydroseeding and bespoke design, GeoGrow addressed erosion control and stability needs while promoting vegetation establishment. The successful outcome of the project contributed to the overall sustainability and resilience of the development. 


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Rakes Park Hydroseeded final
Rakes Park Rootlok Installed



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