We are a conscious thinking business meaning we are aware of the implications our actions have on our environment and surroundings. Our work is focused on creating the best geotechnical solutions we can as our approach to protect the environment, requires a sustainable mindset.


These are firmly established in GeoGrow’s culture. As a leader in providing sustainable solutions for: gravity walls, retaining walls, soil reinforced structures, river and flood protection works, slope stability, erosion control and landscape applications, GeoGrow’s systems and solutions follow the adage ‘‘Building Greener’’ as an emphasis on the fact that we strongly believe in green infrastructure.

We have developed a holistic sustainability strategy that focuses on the challenges involved in improving energy efficiency of building in construction and reducing carbon emissions in line with the 2025 Future Homes Standard that the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Governments will be adhering to.



We pursue our values to create a sustainable future for coming generations, to enable those that come after us a greener future. Fairness, respect, passion, responsibility, humility and integrity - these values form the foundation of our actions. Everybody, every day and everywhere.


Our values are the common beliefs and actions shared by people at GeoGrow. They define how we work with one another as well as how we conduct ourselves outside the company as representatives of GeoGrow.



Our company is shaped by its people, its products and our commitment to a greener future. A shared objective to treat one another and our environment alike with the respect it / we deserve defined by our core values. Our Mission here at GeoGrow is to create Geotechnical products and solutions that benefit everyone, everywhere. This way, we achieve our vision of becoming a solution based leader for a greener planet.



We are ambitious. We set challenging goals for ourselves with regards to sustainability, innovation and growth. We aim to be the industry standard when it comes to geotechnical solutions and we can only achieve this as one. Together, we combine our ideas, our commitment and our experience to create a sustainable present as the future is now.

Our products reflect our high standards, being more economical, more intelligent, more durable and simpler to install with a focus on our customer's expectations and future concerns.



We accept responsibility: For our processes, products and services and the individuals who represent our company, for our cooperation with suppliers and partners, for our customers and markets. We act in a way where resources are preserved for the future and that our children will have the same opportunities tomorrow that we have today. We support and promote causes wherever we see an opportunity to make the world and human life a little bit easier and enjoyable.



Our culture is defined by our shared goals, attitude and practices to be better. We care what you believe in and the reasons you come to work each day. We are interested in our employees and customers lives and we believe that we are all important. This emphasis also plays a part in the success of our systems as you know we care about what we do. No matter what your position in the company, it’s vital we keep our customers and users in mind whether you have direct contact with us or not.



Simply our commitment to improving a sustainable greener environment for this generation and future generations to come. We believe in communication and innovation, and planting the ‘Idea’ seed and watching it grow and blossom. We are ideas based and encourage creative thinking, as these are the building blocks for collective innovation. We are ambitious to achieve our collective goal and will aspire to reach this success with a smile on our face.