Commercial Earth Bags

The Rootlok Vegetated Wall System offers designers, engineers, consultants, contractors and clients an engineered solution for building eco-conscious retaining walls quickly and easily. Rootlok applies standard soil stabilisation practices and engineering methods to build retaining walls at near vertical angles with the potential advantage of using site won material as fill. The systems simple design creates a ‘modular’ wall face that easily integrates vegetation into the systems performance.

Rootlok can be used to build gravity walls in small applications up to 2m high (dependant on ground conditions). Where retained heights go above this, Rootlok provides a vegetated solution for reinforced soil structures adapting the principles of mechanically stabilised earth (MSE). Utilising BBA Certified Stratagrid® geogrids, GeoGrow can offer a solution with a design life of 120 years (please contact us for technical data).

Where space is an issue and you wish to maximise the available land as much as possible, we can investigate using other systems as part of a Rootlok solution. We often combine the Rootlok System with soil nailing and sheet piling, reducing the footprint of the structure yet delivering a green sustainable solution.

Varying ground conditions and surcharge loadings can significantly alter the design of a Rooltok wall. Call us to discuss your project with one of our geotechnical engineers.

The system is an ideal solution for clients looking to increase greener infrastructure and biodiversity within their commercial projects. Alongside Rootlok’s green credentials, the system can be installed very quickly with minimal labour and equipment, saving precious time and money under tight construction programs. The simple installation process also allows it to be used in locations with difficult and varied terrains that are not suitable for traditional methods.


The Rootlok Vegetated Wall System is extremely versatile, allowing it to be used in many applications;

  • Earth reinforced structures

  • Retaining walls

  • Erosion control

  • Slope stabilisation

  • Watercourses (rivers, streams, channels)

  • Headwalls

Our Service

Our team of fully qualified engineers can provide a solution specific to your requirements. Our initial design service is free of charge, and we can provide engineered designs, calculations and CAD drawings where necessary including professional indemnity cover.

Take a look at some of our recent solutions for commercial projects in our Case Studies.

For more details on using the Rootlok system view our Literature, alternatively get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The Rootlok System can be used as a solution for many
construction, commercial and private applications: