From concept to completion of your Rootlok Solution, our experienced team of designers and geotechnical engineers deliver sustainable bioengineered techniques that challenge soil erosion, wall retention, habitat creation and river and flood protection to name a few.

Our levels of design include; 

Initial design- We will provide you with technical advice and a free initial design and quote. This design drawing will show you what we would expect the solution to be.

Formal design- Our experienced design team can complete formal designs to help optimise your Rootlok solution. Included with this are design drawings, a design report detailing methodology and geotechnical analysis confirming the solution is British Standard and Eurocode compliant. As standard all our designs come with professional indemnity insurance. Furthermore, we can provide a collateral warranty as an optional extra.

Our past projects have demonstrated that there are cost savings in using bioengineering solutions in place of hard revetments and that our environmentally sensitive revetments are often more durable. Furthermore, working closely with our team of engineers will allow you to maximise value engineering potential.

GeoGrow can also advise on vegetation selection and establishment for any Rootlok application.

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