The Rootlok System can be used as a solution for many construction, commercial and private applications: 

Gravity/retaining walls and structures, soil reinforced structures, erosion control, slope stabilisation, landslip repairs, river & flood protection works, decorative landscaping, habitat creation, road & rail, landscaping/garden design.

There is no height or length restrictions when building with our system. Adapting the principles of mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) utilising BBA Certified Stratagrid® geogrids, Rootlok offers a vegetated solution for reinforced retaining walls, steep slopes and embankments (structures with a face less than 70° from the horizontal). The Rootlok System can be used for structures with a retained height of 10m plus or have surcharges present, all with a 120-year design life.

Please note, varying ground conditions and surcharge loadings can significantly alter the design of a Rootlok wall. Call us to discuss your project with our Technical Team.

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