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Regenerate Wasted Spaces in a Greener Way with Hydroseeding

As part of our innovative hydroseeding offering, we are proud to stock a range of easy-to-use and effective products from LSC Environmental which provide an alternative method of vegetating open spaces that are often neglected and unsightly. 

These products provide a more aesthetically-pleasing and cost-effective solution to common issues faced by contractors, consultants and end users such as: 

  • Erosion control
  • Biotic soil amendment
  • Re-vegetation
  • Temporary covers

These products can be used to offer temporary cover for a space, or as a permanent solution to encourage flora and fauna to a particular area.

Why Choose Hydroseeding Solutions?

Because no one likes wasted space. Make the most of slopes and open spaces with hydroseeding to encourage wildlife and vegetation which not only improves the visual appearance of an area, but also gives a boost to the local ecosystem too. 
Our range of LSC Environmental products allow our customers to: 
  • Create greener and biodiverse spaces;
  • Move away from traditional methods of vegetating steeper slopes and open spaces with poor soils, (such as rolled erosion control products);
  • Reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating the need for importing large amounts of material from offsite;
  • Decrease the amount of plastics being used, as all hydroseeding materials are natural and biodegradable.

Get in touch to discuss how our hydroseeding solutions can be used in your projects.

Learn About Our Innovative Hydroseeding Products

We are proud to be official stockists of the following LSC Environmental products…



Biotic soil amendment

Organix™ is the smartest way to replace, reclaim or rebuild depleted topsoil. Eliminating the need to spend countless man hours and budget on replacing old topsoil, Organix™ contains a pioneering combination of soil enhancing organic materials, microbial stimulators, growth mediums, soil stabilisers and soil builders to create fresh topsoil, perfect for more cost-effective reclamation work. Read more about Organix™ biotic soil amendment here.

Organix installer


Erosion Control & Biotic soil amendment

Fusion™ is an engineered Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment (HBSA) which provides a complete topsoil alternative and soil building erosion control solution. Combining two proven products - EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix™ for erosion control and Organix™ for soil building - you get twice the impact with just one single application, saving both time and money. This is the most intelligent choice when looking at how to improve topsoil where erosion control is also required, which is why we use it! Read more about Fusion™ biotic soil amendment here.

Fusion installer


Protective hydraulic wood mulch

Perfect for smaller, low-risk projects, Mesic™ is a protective mulch for temporary erosion control and hydraulic seeding applications. Made from 100% virgin wood fibres, Mesic™ wood mulch works by forming a protective mulch mat that aids in erosion control, holding the seeds in place, and providing an excellent environment for seed germination. Read more about Mesic™ here



Erosion Control

EarthGuard® protects vulnerable areas by providing high performance erosion control. As well as guarding against erosion caused by wind and rain, EarthGuard® works to keep seeds in place long enough for germination to occur which encourages and supports vegetation of the area, perfect for the local ecosystem and wildlife. Read more about EarthGuard® erosion control here



Versatile and cost-effective temporary cover

Posi-shell® is the most effective landfill cover system on the market. Significantly extending the lifespan of landfill sites, it also reduces operational costs and offers a range of solutions that are essential to any site, including odour and fire suppression, erosion control and daily waste cover. Read more about Posi-Shell® here.

Posi Shell Environmental Coating
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