Gravity Wraparound

GeoGrow's Rootlok Gravity Wraparound wall provides a cost effective solution for scour protection and large scale retaining solutions. In the form of a green stretcher bond application and BBA certified geogrid. Commonly used on flood defence, highways and residential.

Our Gravity Wall system ensures a consist build with all bags being installed in a head to toe format with the seal facing inwards towards the backfill. The Geogrid is incorporated into the backfill, wrapped over the front face and returned into the backfill to add the highest level of structural support available.

The BBA certified Geogrid allows the system to be built to its maximum potential with limitless boundaries simply by increasing the footprint of the system. In these scenarios the Rootlok bags form a facing to the mechanically stabilised earth. The wrap around detail protects bags from being scoured / pulled from the system where they may undergo high water flow rates. Utilising the gravity system it also reduces the number of bags used while maintaining stability.

This application is commonly used for larger projects where retained heights are significant, water flows are high and flooding is likely or large surcharges are present. i.e - Flood defence walls / boundary walls / Roads & Carparks etc.

Varying ground conditions and surcharging will significantly alter the solution for the Rootlok wall,
Call one of our geotechnical engineers to discuss your project in depth.

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