Rootlok Tie-Back System

The Rootlok Tie-Back System offers a solution that follows the principles of a gravity mass retaining wall with a minimum footprint for walls up to between 1.5m – 2m in height (depending on site conditions).

Like the Rootlok Gravity System, the design of the Tie-Back System relies solely on the sheer mass of the structure. However, instead of all Rootlok bags laid head to toe, alternate bags are rotated 90° towards the back of the wall, providing the reinforcement of a ‘tie-in’ to the backfill material area.

This system is commonly used for low-medium height walls where there is light surcharging above the wall to consider. Varying ground conditions and surcharge loadings can significantly alter the design of a Rooltok wall. Call us to discuss your project with one of our geotechnical engineers.