Gravity Wall

GeoGrow’s Rootlok Standard Gravity build provides a simple solution for low height walls. The gravity build follows a stretcher bond application, and allows engineers, architects, contractors, and homeowners a simple option for installing a green retaining wall solution.

The Rootlok Gravity system follows a consistent build pattern with all bags being installed in a head to toe format with the seam facing inwards towards the backfill area. This application is an ideal option for lower height walls up to 0.8m high with minimal surcharge. A key benefit of this system is its ability to minimise the footprint of the wall, making it ideal for projects that are restricted on space.

The Gravity System can also be adapted to offer a vegetated facing solution for other retaining wall systems such as sheet piling, allowing a green finish to be achieved whilst maintaining a minimal footprint.

Varying ground conditions and surcharge loadings can significantly alter the design of a Rooltok wall. Call us to discuss your project with one of our geotechnical engineers.

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