Rootlok GeoGrid Reinforced System

Adapting the principles of mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) utilising BBA Certified Stratagrid® geogrids, Rootlok offers a vegetated solution for reinforced retaining walls, steep slopes and embankments (structures with a face less than 70° from the horizontal). The Rootlok Geogrid Reinforced System can be used for structures with a retained height of 10m plus or have surcharges present, all with a 120-year design life.

Geogrid reinforcement can be combined with both the Gravity and Tie-Back Systems depending on the application, allowing the system to be built to its maximum potential with limitless boundaries simply by increasing the footprint of the system.

GeoGrow are the designers of the Rootlok System. Where space is an issue and you wish to maximise the available land as much as possible, we can investigate using other systems as part of a Rootlok solution. We often combine the Rootlok System with soil nailing and sheet piling, reducing the footprint of the structure yet delivering a green sustainable solution. Get in touch to discuss further with one of our engineers.

Varying ground conditions and surcharge loadings can significantly alter the design of a Rooltok wall. Call us to discuss your project with our Technical Team.

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