Why You Should Think Twice Before Pulling Those Weeds Up…

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Weeds have long been regarded as the enemy of a well-maintained garden or landscaped area. Many gardeners and homeowners spend hours digging, pulling, and spraying in an effort to eradicate these unwanted plants. However, there is a growing understanding among experts that removing weeds may not be the best approach.

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In fact, leaving weeds in your garden can have several benefits for both the environment and the overall health of your retaining walls. In this article, we will explore why you should consider embracing weeds and provide safe ways to remove them, particularly from Rootlok walls.

The Ecosystem

One of the main reasons why you should avoid pulling up weeds is that doing so disrupts the delicate ecosystem that exists below the surface of the soil. Under soil surface, there is a complex network of fungi and bacteria that play a crucial role in maintaining soil health. Weeds often interact with these microorganisms, forming symbiotic relationships that contribute to the overall balance and fertility of the soil. By pulling up weeds, we disturb this delicate ecosystem, potentially causing imbalances and negatively impacting the health of our earth structures.


Leaving weeds in your retaining wall can also improve biodiversity. Weeds provide valuable habitats and food sources for a variety of insects, birds, and mammals. Slugs and snails, often seen as pests, actually play important roles in breaking down organic matter and contributing to nutrient cycling. Embracing weeds can create a more diverse and resilient ecosystem, attracting beneficial wildlife and promoting a healthier environment overall.


Consider managing weeds in a way that is safe and minimises damage to the Rootlok structure. For instance, regular manual removal of weeds by hand can be an effective method. Care should be taken to ensure that the roots are completely removed to prevent regrowth. Mulching the surface of the Rootlok walls can also help suppress weed growth and maintain moisture levels in the soil.

It is essential to avoid using weed killers on Rootlok walls, as this can lead to a larger die-off of vegetation within the structure. Weed killers can contaminate the soil, affecting the health of the plants growing in the Rootlok walls. If weeds become particularly problematic, spot treatment with vinegar can be an effective alternative. These methods are safer for the environment and will not harm the plants within the structure.

In conclusion, reconsider the common practice of pulling up weeds. By leaving weeds in your retaining walls or landscaped areas, you contribute to a healthier ecosystem and promote biodiversity. Embracing weeds can benefit the soil, attract beneficial wildlife, and create a more sustainable and resilient environment. When dealing with specific situations like Rootlok walls, it is important to employ safe and targeted weed removal techniques to preserve the integrity of the structure while minimising environmental impact.

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