Retaining Walls & Structures

The Rootlok Vegetated Wall System offers engineers, architects, contractors, home owners and others an engineered solution for building retaining walls quickly and easily. Rootlok can be used to build standard gravity walls in small applications up to 2.1m high, as well as reinforced structures that are 4m or more in height.

Rootlok applies standard soil stabilisation practices and engineering methods to build retaining walls at near vertical angles. The systems simple design creates a ‘segmented’ wall face that easily integrates vegetation into the systems performance.


The Rootlok Vegetated Wall System is extremely versatile, allowing it to be used in many applications;

  • Erosion control
  • Slope stabilisation
  • River and flood protection
  • Landscaping
  • Headwalls

Rootlok has been used very successfully within river applications. Moisture easily filters through the system rather than being reflected, making it an ideal solution for wet locations. In low flow conditions, Rooltok can easily be installed in rivers and streams without the need to redirect the water.

Reinforced walls

A range of geogrids can be used with the Rootlok bags and locking plates in reinforced slope applications, with the advantage of using site won material as fill. One of the key benefits of Rootlok is how easy it is to install unlike hard edge structures such as concrete, stone, block, panel and gabion systems. This allows it to be used in locations with difficult and varied terrains that are not suitable for traditional methods.

Alongside our team of fully qualified engineers we can provide a solution specific to your requirements. Our design service is free of charge, and we can provide engineered designs, calculations and CAD drawings where necessary.

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For more details on using the Rootlok system view our Literature , alternatively get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The Rootlok System can be used as a solution for many
construction, commercial and private applications: