What Is Hydroseeding And Its Benefits?

Man standing in a luscious grass field showcasing the benefits of hydroseeding. Hydroseeding, or hydro-mulching, is the name of the process in which seeds are mixed into a slurry and then sprayed across an area for immediate germination. It’s often used for seeding steep or hard-to-reach areas, large areas such as open fields, or big jobs in which there is a time factor.

The benefits of hydroseeding are numerous. Below is a list of just some of the benefits of this eco-friendly practice.Technical Enquiry

1. You Can Access Large Areas

Thanks to the reach of the machinery, you can achieve a spray diameter of up to 140 metres. This is much more convenient than having to move about on foot and far quicker, too.

2. You Can Access Tough-To-Reach Areas

Hydroseeding a steep hill or a vertical retaining wall? Rather than trying to climb up the impossible, hydroseeding allows you to simply spray mulch over the sloping surface for instant seeding and fast germination.

3. You Can Rewild An Area

To increase biodiversity quickly, using hydroseeding to plant wildflowers is cost-effective and time efficient. Wildflowers help local insects thrive, and look great too, and you can plant tens of thousands in just one short hydroseeding session.

4. It’s Much Safer And Quicker Than Manual Planting

As we explained earlier, hydroseeding allows you to cover large areas quickly, and spray seed mix over steep areas that are hard to reach. This reduces the risks of accidents and the simple time-constraints involved in planting by hand. All materials used are 100% natural, biodegradable and non-toxic.

5. It Reduces Erosion Risk

Hydroseeding, thanks to its quicker germination times, helps to stabilise soil and prevent it from shifting, which in turn helps to keep erosion under control.

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If you have a project involving planting grass, wildflowers, or other seeds but you are struggling to access the space or the task is just too big to be feasibly achieved by hand, hydroseeding may be the solution for you. To take a look at our frequently asked questions – including how long the germination takes, what hydroseeding aftercare looks like, and if it’s possible to hydroseed over old grass – click here.

Hydroseeding can play a key role in re-wilding an area and you may also wish to invest in a vegetated earth structure to encourage nearby wildlife for your hydroseeding project. Otherwise, please fill out our technical enquiry form to let us know your project requirements, and we will be in touch.

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