GeoGrow to Showcase Sustainable Solutions at Futurebuild Exhibition

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GeoGrow is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Futurebuild Exhibition. Futurebuild is the premier event for the built environment industry, focusing on innovation and sustainability.

At the exhibition, GeoGrow will showcase its flagship product, the Rootlok Vegetated Wall System, which revolutionises the way retaining walls are designed and installed. Rootlok is not only a functional retaining structure but also a habitat for wildlife and a contributor to biodiversity preservation and restoration.

In addition to Rootlok, GeoGrow offer a range of environmental spray solutions designed to tackle various environmental challenges. From erosion control to vegetation establishment, these products embody our commitment to offering sustainable alternatives that prioritise biodiversity promotion and cost effectiveness.

With a commitment to enhancing biodiversity through innovative design, products, and installation, GeoGrow take a friendly and collaborative approach to working with clients. Our solutions aim to deliver greener alternatives that positively impact the environment.

Chris Ansell, Managing Director of GeoGrow, expressed excitement about the opportunity to exhibit at Futurebuild, stating, "We are excited to exhibit at Futurebuild, we look forward to making connections and showcasing what our services and products have to offer."

Explore GeoGrow's eco-friendly solutions and our innovative retaining wall system at stand A40 during the Futurebuild Exhibition. Join us at Excel London from March 5th to 7th. Secure your tickets for the event here.

About GeoGrow: GeoGrow is a leading provider of sustainable retaining wall and environmental spray solutions, specialising in the design, manufacture, and installation of the Rootlok Vegetated Wall System. With a focus on biodiversity enhancement, GeoGrow's solutions integrate seamlessly into the environment while providing structural support and habitat for wildlife.

Contact: Kirsty Allsopp, Sales Manager at GeoGrow.

Phone: 01543 224800




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