Wolvercote Case Study

A Case Study in Rootlok Boundary Retaining Wall Installation by GeoGrow

Wolvercote Turf Pinning Final


Client: The Hill Group

Contractor: GeoGrow®

Completed: 2024

Project Overview: 

  • Location: Oxfordshire
  • Client/Industry: The Hill Group
  • Description: GeoGrow were tasked with installing a boundary wall along the back of new build garden plots for a housing developer in Oxfordshire. 

Why GeoGrow were Chosen: We were chosen for this project due to our expertise in designing and installing Vegetated Retaining Wall Systems. The Rootlok system was particularly well-suited for this application because it allows for turfing to be pinned to the Rootlok system, which was essential for creating an instant green finish to the boundary wall for the show home plots.  

Why the Works were Necessary: The works were necessary to address the need for a retaining wall along the back of the garden plots. This was essential for stabilising the slope and preventing soil erosion, especially considering the proximity to residential structures. The use of the Rootlok system ensured that the wall not only served its functional purpose but also added aesthetic value. 

Vegetation Method Used: Turfing of the Rootlok Wall System was selected to ensure optimal growth and coverage, providing a lush, instant green finish.  

Installation Time Frame: 2 Weeks 

Conclusion: GeoGrow successfully completed the installation of the Rootlok boundary wall within the specified time frame, meeting the client's requirements for an instant green finish for the show home plots. The use of the Rootlok system provided both functional and aesthetic benefits, demonstrating GeoGrow's commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions. 


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Wolvercote Turf Pinning Final-1
Mid Turf pinning
Wolvercote Before turf pinning-1



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