GeoGrow Launches New Biodiversity and Urban Greening Factor eBook

GeoGrow, a specialist in geotechnical engineered solutions and erosion control, is pleased to announce the launch of our latest resource – the "Biodiversity and Urban Greening Factor eBook." This practical guide has been produced to support industry professionals, including land managers and developers, in navigating the evolving landscape of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) amidst the new regulatory framework set to take effect on 12th February.

Biodiversity and Urban Greening Factor: How Habitat Creation Can Help you Meet Biodiversity Net Gain

Our newly introduced Biodiversity and Urban Greening Factor eBook serves as a resourceful guide, offering insights into the new biodiversity net gain regulations and their anticipated impact on future developments within the UK. This guide not only outlines the regulatory landscape but also explores the significance of biodiversity net gain (BNG) in construction practices and its impact on social value.

Furthermore, the eBook delves into the practical aspects of achieving BNG targets, examining how habitat creation solutions, such as vegetated wall systems and hydroseeding, can help professionals meet their biodiversity objectives. With a significant emphasis on enhancing biodiversity, this guide aims to provide practical insights for compliance with the latest regulations while offering alternative construction practices that actively contribute to biodiversity and habitat creation.

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About GeoGrow

GeoGrow is a leading provider of geotechnical engineered solutions for sustainable construction and landscaping infrastructure projects. As the manufacturer, designer, and installer of the Rootlok Vegetated Wall System, GeoGrow offers green solutions for retaining walls and slopes for both land and water applications. Alongside vegetated wall systems, GeoGrow offers a hydroseeding and environmental spray-on service, addressing challenges such as erosion, odour, land reclamation, waste cover, and seeding. Our solutions promote environmental benefits and enhance biodiversity in residential, commercial, highway, rail, and civil engineering projects.

"We are pleased to introduce the Biodiversity and Urban Greening Factor eBook, a valuable tool that aligns with our commitment to sustainable construction practices. This guide is designed to help professionals navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, offering an insight into the new regulations and practical strategies for enhancing biodiversity in construction and landscaping projects," said Steph Wilkinson, Commercial Director at GeoGrow.

Our Biodiversity and Urban Greening Factor eBook is now available for download here.
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