Slope Stabilisation in Bedworth

Slope Stabilisation in Bedworth

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council have used Rootlok to protect a slope in Bedworth.

Slope Stabilisation

Nuneaton and Bedworth BC recently asked GeoGrow to advise on a suitable solution for a slope stabilisation project. Due to continuous erosion, the council were concerned that the failing embankment would slip into the building below. The restricted space and access to the area was also limiting the options available. The right solution was required urgently to avoid the likely event of a total landslip.

The Solution

GeoGrow put forward a design for the scheme that included a 1.26m near vertical wall to retain a 4m high slope. This will stabilise the slope and provide effective erosion control. Rootlok is a flexible system that small teams can install easily with no machinery required. The system will provide long-term protection to the embankment and will eventually achieve full vegetation cover.

Access around the building is extremely narrow and as such made it difficult to carry the bags through. During installation the contractor used conveyor belts to transport the bags through the gap to the build area.

The contractor delivered a great installation while facing various obstacles and working in such a confined area. The slope is now stabilised and the area accessible to users.


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