Purify Local Air With A Vegetated Wall System

Beautiful Green vegetable wall system


A vegetated wall system is an innovative walling product that is designed to provide an alternative solution to retaining walls, bank creation, slope stabilisation and terracing. It's essentially a living garden and provides the benefits of a wall without employing the traditional and non-environmentally-friendly hard-engineered solutions we typically see. 

Not only are they nicer to look at, but they do the same job as traditional retaining walls in a way that is much ‘greener’. With all this in mind, let's take a closer look at vegetated wall systems and their benefits.


Why Is It Important To Have Pure Air?


We need clean air to live, grow and thrive. However, most of the time, the air we breathe in is dirty. In fact, 99% of us are now breathing in air that exceeds WHO air quality limits. Such low air quality is caused by pollution, which is one of the world’s biggest health threats today. 


If there are changes you can make to help purify the air around you, then it’s something you should be doing. This is where vegetative wall systems come in.


What Are The Benefits Of Vegetated Retaining Walls?


If you need to build a retaining wall, there are a number of benefits to installing a vegetated wall system, including:  

  • Improves air quality – it does this by converting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into oxygen.

  • Increases biodiversity – plants, flowers & greenery provide more habitats for a variety of species, which helps to increase the biodiversity of the area.

  • Aids in erosion control – the vegetation helps ensure the longevity of the structure by protecting it from UV degradation.

  • Reduces ambient temperature and noise – plants absorb sunlight, helping to create a cooler and more pleasant climate.

  • Are more cost-effective than solid alternatives – these walls are installed very quickly and have minimal labour and equipment costs.

  • Are aesthetically pleasing – these walls look much more appealing than concrete or masonry retaining walls, and they last much longer too (120 years, in fact!).


How To Get A Vegetated Wall System


If you're interested in a vegetated wall system, you need the help of a trusted company such as GeoGrow. Enquire today or find your vegetated wall system by browsing our website.


Image Source: Pexels


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