GeoGrow's Largest Installation...

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Rootlok® Vegetated Wall System installed to provide a retaining wall solution for a 300M long x 6M high retaining wall in Telford.


Taylor Wimpey



Build Time:

3 Months


May 2021

GeoGrow's Largest Installation

Taylor Wimpey (North Midlands) invited GeoGrow® to provide a Rootlok® retaining wall solution for a 300M long x 6M high retaining wall for their brand-new development of high-quality homes in Thornberry Hill, Lawley 10, Telford.

GeoGrow provided a full formal design service, including PI for an earth reinforced retaining structure. The structure had several challenging aspects to the scheme including soil nailing, sheet piling, tree root protection zones and drainage systems. The design incorporated BBA certified geogrids to provide an earth reinforced retaining wall with Rootlok being used as a facing to provide an immediate erosion protection system and medium carrier to provide a vegetated, sustainable green finish.

GeoGrow's Largest Installation

The works

The installation was restricted to 10M lengths in places to maintain the stability of the backslope and to deal with varying soil conditions and allow for the safe installation of the works. A granular quarried type 1 stone was used and compacted (in accordance with Method 2, Table 6/4 of the MCDHW Specification for Highways Works) with major testing undertaken during installation to the satisfaction of Telford & Wrekin Borough Council, who were to adopt the wall.

GeoGrow provided their full in-house services to design, install and then vegetate the wall, using our Hydroseeding experts to provide a sustainable green finish.

Rootlok is a cost-effective system that provides end users with a strong, yet flexible, green solution for retaining walls. It’s ability to vegetate creates a retaining wall that blends seamlessly with the natural environment. It is important to consider the choice of vegetation to ensure that the result is aligned with expectations and the ability to effectively and safely maintain it.

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