Erosion Control at Kings Business Park

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Erosion Control at Kings Business Park

The Rootlok Vegetated Wall System was chosen by Mouchel as an environmentally friendly alternative to a gabion wall system to provide erosion control at a new warehouse site on Kings Business Park, Knowsley.

A new warehouse site situated on Kings Business Park, Knowsley, called for a solution to retain several slopes and provide erosion control in various areas. A gabion wall system was originally selected to retain the perimeter wall, however the landscape designer, James Towers, wanted to explore alternatives that would provide an environmental friendly result whilst gaining extra land space surrounding the hard-standing areas.

Following consultations with GeoGrow Ltd, the Rootlok Vegetated Wall System was approved for use for several installations across the site. The perimeter banks consist of sand stone and crumbling materials with no surcharges. The tie-back build was chosen for the installation with a Type 1 compacted backfill up to 1M deep, creating a very strong wall with immediate structural strength. The finished installation measures 2.5M high x 80M long. Rootlok’s flexibility enabled the wall to follow the existing contours of the bank with the inclusion to tight radiuses. The system was also used to install steep headwalls to provide a green finish to the drainage outlet.

Rootlok offered the client and consultant many more benefits than a rigid wall. A swale was installed in front of the Rootlok wall to accommodate the sites storm water drainage. Any hydrostatic pressure from the bank will slowly percolate through the system and drain away naturally. Once vegetated, the rootzone will assist in the removal of water within the system.

The walls are due to be hydro-seeded in April and will establish a fully vegetated system during the summer months creating a sustainable green structure with an aesthetically pleasing finish


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