Strengthening Flood Defences in Pinner


Strengthening Flood Defences in Pinner

Rootlok installed as part of flood defence modifications in Pinner

Harrow Council have used the Rootlok Vegetated Wall system to strengthen flood defences and a narrow watercourse in Montesole Park, Pinner. The narrow watercourse corridor that runs through the park was difficult to maintain and was prone to flooding, and blockages of a trash screen and bypass channel. The council sought to stabilise the bank and reduce the risk of flooding in the area.

The solution

There were two elements to bolster flood defences as part of the project:

  • restrict flows using an adjustable orifice plate from an upstream trash screen and bypass channel

  • a new channel taking flood event flows across the park to an attenuation area with an earth impounding structure

As a result this would reduce the volume of flood event flows toward the downstream trash screen and bypass channel. Additionally, they removed an existing timber toe boarding that was in very poor condition, widened the channel and re-profiled one side of the bank. The team installed Rootlok along the opposite side to stabilise the bank, as well as for head walls for both the intake and outtake on the channel.

Rootlok will provide long-term erosion protection to flood defences and the watercourse within the park. The system achieves stability immediately, protecting the channel banks and reducing the risk of flooding to local properties. GeoGrow supplied Rootlok ready to establish vegetation, helping to quickly restore the watercourse to its natural function.


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