Storm Drainage Channel Restoration, Kenilworth

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

storm drainage channel restoration

Rootlok Vegetated Wall System installed to restore failing storm drainage channel.

GeoGrow were employed by a housing developer to design and install a solution in order to reinstate a failing storm drainage channel.

The channel separated the rear gardens of several properties built on a previous development site. Over time erosion had caused the channel to narrow significantly, and as such the garden fences were collapsing

GeoGrow proposed a solution utilising the Rootlok Vegetated Wall System. Rootlok will provide both erosion control to the channel and retain the gardens above. Firstly the channel was aligned to its full capacity to better handle future flood events, with Rootlok then installed along each side of the bank to create 1.8m high retaining walls.

The installation team could not use large machinery within the channel due to access constraints. Consequently hand tools had to be used for all de-vegetation and preparation of the area, and all materials, including stone, were delivered to the working area by hand. Rootlok’s segmental design allows it to be easily manoeuvred into position by hand, thus it is ideal for use in restrictive spaces whilst providing an encapsulated and permanent erosion protection solution.

On completion GeoGrow’s in-house team hydroseeded the Rootlok walls using a shade tolerant seed mix as requested by the client. As such vegetation has established well and will provide a long term, sustainable green finish.


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