Hydroseeding Rail Embankments, Pentre

Pentre Hydroseeded 1-1

Transforming Steep Slopes: Hydroseeding for Rail Embankment Stability in Pentre, South Wales

Client: Alun Griffiths

Contractor: GeoGrow®

Completed: 2023

Railway infrastructure projects often present unique challenges, and one such challenge faced by Alun Griffiths in Pentre, South Wales, involved the hydroseeding of a newly profiled rail embankment. The project aimed not only to stabilise the slope but also to provide a green and natural finish. In this case study, we delve into the details of the project, the challenges faced, and the solution used to achieve a successful outcome.

The Problem

Alun Griffiths, a prominent player in the infrastructure sector, sought our expertise for this project in Pentre, South Wales. The location posed specific challenges due to its steep slope, making traditional seeding methods impractical.

The primary challenge was the steepness of the slope, leading to increased run-off risks and difficulty in accessing the area on foot. The overarching goal was twofold: to mitigate erosion risks by providing temporary control and to establish long-term stability through the growth of grasses. A green finish was also crucial to meet aesthetic requirements.

The Hydroseeding Solution

Our team provided a comprehensive hydroseeding solution, utilising EarthGuard Fibre Matrix and a Universal Amenity Grass Seed Mix. This approach offered a sustainable and efficient means of establishing vegetation on the challenging rail embankment.

To address the steep slope, the hydroseeder was strategically positioned at the top of the embankment. This allowed for the hydroseeding of steep areas that were inaccessible by foot. The pump pressure was adjusted to ensure thorough coverage, and the hose was tactically reeled out on shallower areas, allowing for safe access.

Adapting to the challenging terrain required creative problem-solving. Through a rethinking of the conventional hydroseeding process and strategic adjustments in equipment placement, our team ensured that even the steepest areas received comprehensive coverage, a solution that proved effective in transforming the rail embankment.

Project Outcome

The project, executed by a skilled team of three, was completed in a single day. The EarthGuard application provided temporary erosion control, allowing the seed to establish successfully. Six months later, the once challenging slope was fully vegetated, offering long-term stability and erosion protection. The completion of this section of the project enabled the client to sign off with confidence.

Benefits to the Client

  • Successful erosion control during the establishment period.
  • Long-term stability and erosion protection through established grasses.
  • Aesthetic satisfaction with a green and natural finish.
  • Efficient project completion in a single day, minimising operational disruptions.


This case study showcases our dedication to innovation and adaptability when confronting challenging terrains. The successful hydroseeding project not only met the functional goals of erosion control and stability but also exceeded aesthetic expectations. In transforming steep slopes into thriving green landscapes, we showcase the potential of hydroseeding as a sustainable solution for rail embankments and similar challenging terrains.

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Hydroseed Exposed Rail Embankment, Pentre
Hydroseed Exposed Rail Embankment, Pentre 2-1
Hydroseed Rail Embankment, Pentre 1
Hydroseed Rail Embankment, Pentre 4-1
Hydroseed Rail Embankment, Pentre 5
Hydroseed Rail Embankment, Pentre 7
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