GeoGrow Celebrates World Soil Day

With World Soil Day creeping up on us, it allows us to acknowledge and understand the importance of healthy soil. We rely on soil to regulate earth’s climate and it is the backbone to our food security. Soil is made up of organic and inorganic matter, air and water, and the mixture depends on the way the soil is cared for or neglected, which in turn impacts on the natural growth of plants. With the human race being dependant on soil for food it is essential for us to recognise the importance of soil care now before it is too late.

GeoGrow Celebrates World Soil Day

With the significant progress made at COP26 in both plans to reduce the impact of climate change and a focus on increasing efforts to stop global warming, the governing bodies have recognized the importance that soil and nutrients lie at the core of climate change as soil holds significant carbon. Resilient, sustainable food production systems are vulnerable to climate change and with a focus on healthy soil, we can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emission while enhancing sustainable production and animal health with their grazing lands.

Here at GeoGrow, as a sustainable business, we rely heavily on healthy soils to create the Rootlok vegetated wall system which is manufactured here in the UK. Soil is used throughout the system to allow plant and grass growth utilising the geo-modular earth blocks and the interlocking plates that create a solid structure to resist earth movement with the root zone adding increased structural integrity.

GeoGrow Celebrates World Soil Day

The Rootlok System can be used in applications for retaining and gravity walls, slope stabilisation, river restoration and flood protection, headwalls, embankments and landscaping plus much more.

Furthermore GeoGrow’s ‘’Building Greener’’ philosophy also continues with our Hydroseeding services. The Hydroseeding process is 50% faster than conventional methods to seed with the extra moisture promoting seed germination as quickly as 3 to 5 days after applying the mulch. This quick bonding and germination process firms the soil adding extra stability and helps prevents erosion.

GeoGrow Celebrates World Soil Day

“I feel privileged to be part of a company which is working towards a greener future. GeoGrow has manufactured a system which allows nature to take its course and create new habitats for wildlife. We are all passionate about what we do here and want to educate others on how the Rootlok system provides a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative. We want to share our story and ask everyone
to join us in the battle against climate change”
Explains Sales and Marketing Executive Millie Haynes.

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