Footway Provision, A470 Cwmbach Bridleway

Footway Provision, A470 Cwmbach Bridleway

Powys County Council have used Rootlok to construct a retaining wall and provide protection to a new footway.

In 2013 the A470 Cwmbach to Newbridge Improvement Works severed pedestrian links between hamlets on Builth Road and Cwmbach. As part of the initial scheme a combined footpath/bridle path was provided for pedestrians. However, the pathway was determined as unsuitable for many users due to the gradients and surfacing.

The Welsh Government commissioned Powys County Council to provide a more inclusive pathway and investigate the options of various routes. A new route was chosen and a suitable design was created and approved.

The Works

RF Price (Groundworks) Ltd was awarded the scheme to provide a 60m by 1.5m tarmac footpath with timber edging and a Rootlok retaining wall. The Rootlok system will retain the slope whilst providing erosion protection to the area. Work commenced on 26th June 2017 and was completed within 10 days.

The client specified Rootlok as a green alternative to hard materials and to achieve a sustainable natural finish. The system is simple and flexible to install therefore the wall was built easily in just 1 day. GeoGrow provided the contractors with pre-seeded bags helping to establish a grass covering within 10 days. The client specified a deep rooted low maintenance grass seed for this project thus reducing the need for regular maintenance. The system was watered each day for 1 week after completion due to it being installed during a dry period (one of the few occasions that it doesn’t rain in Wales). During dry seasons it is important to keep the system watered to help establish vegetation.

A green alternative for retaining walls

Rootlok is a cost-effective system that provides end users with a strong, yet flexible, green solution for retaining walls. It's ability to vegetate creates a retaining wall that blends seamlessly with the natural environment. It is important to consider the choice of vegetation to ensure that the result is aligned with expectations and the ability to effectively and safely maintain it.

Take a look at our application page for more information on using Rootlok for retaining walls.


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