Rootlok Gravity Retaining Wall Systems Explained: How Do They Work?

Design engineering consultant looking at Rootlok gravity retaining wall system to understand the advantages of them

When selecting the most appropriate retaining wall it’s important to consider several important factors, such as the terrain, desired height, material, aesthetics, and cost - considerations which must align to ensure that the stability and functionality of the completed wall meet the project specifications.

In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of a gravity retaining wall and why Rootlok is the ideal alternative to a bricks and mortar solution.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Gravity Retaining Wall?

A gravity retaining wall relies on its weight and design to resist soil pressure, preventing erosion and stabilising slopes without relying on additional support structures or extensive groundworks. These walls offer several advantages that make them the most popular choice for various landscaping and construction projects:

  • They rely on the force of gravity to counteract the pressure from the soil, which ensures stability and durability. The weight and shape of the wall are effective in resisting the lateral pressure that is exerted by the soil behind them.

  • Gravity retaining walls are simple to design and construct, making them a cost-effective solution for many residential and commercial projects.

  • If ground conditions are suitable, gravity retaining walls can be built up to 1.5 metres high.

  • Gravity retaining walls have few ongoing maintenance needs due to effective drainage and retain their stability without constant upkeep.

  • A highly versatile solution, these walls can be constructed at different heights and shapes and customised with decorative finishings or plantings to improve their visual appeal.


What Is Rootlok, And Why Is It Suitable For A Gravity Retaining Wall?

The Rootlok Vegetated Wall System is a soft-engineered, environmentally friendly solution that is designed specifically for earthen structures. By providing a reinforced facing for walls and slopes, the system delivers long-term erosion control and enhances sustainable schemes through its ‘green’ finish.

So, what makes Rootlok an effective choice for gravity retaining walls?

  • Proven to offer exceptional strength and durability as a retaining wall.

  • Can be constructed at any angle, from slopes to near-vertical walls.

  • Custom designed by a team of highly experienced engineers to meet the needs of each application.

  • Walls are free draining, allowing water to move through the system

  • Can be constructed in areas with restricted space as no heavy machinery is needed.

  • Enhances the natural environment and supports natural habitats.

  • A 120-year lifespan, with minimal ongoing maintenance required.


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