UK Reinforced Earth Structures

The flexible nature of the Rootlok system allows it to incorporate other methods in order to deliver a vegetated reinforced earth solution for steep, tall embankments. Where retaining walls go above approximately 1.5m in height, or in poor ground conditions, Rootlok can be combined with geogrids to achieve a green reinforced earth wall retaining structure. Where the footprint of the structure needs to be minimised, we can incorporate other systems to reduce on the space needed whilst still providing a vegetated retaining wall solution.

Our team of fully qualified engineers we can provide a solution specific to your requirements. We offer an initial design service free of charge, and can provide engineered designs, calculations and CAD drawings where necessary.

Take a look at some of our recent solutions for retaining walls in our Case Studies and Photo Gallery.
For more details on using the Rootlok system, take a look at our CAD Library to download technical drawings, alternatively get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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