Why Biodiversity Is Dying In Your Area And How To Improve It

Smoggy landscape to show why biodiversity is dying in your area

Put simply, biodiversity refers to the variety of plant and animal life in a particular habitat or area. The biodiversity of a given area can be caused by numerous factors, such as temperatures, altitudes, precipitation and soil. However, due to rapid ecosystem changes in the last century, biodiversity is now under threat. So what can we do to prevent it from dying? Let's find out.

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Why Is Biodiversity Important?

Biodiversity is one of the most important aspects of our ecosystem and plays an incredibly vital role. Without biodiversity, the entire support system for humans, as well as for animals, would collapse. Biodiversity is what keeps both the animal world and the human world balanced and supported. We rely on the ecosystem to provide us with food, clean water and medicines, as well as to prevent flooding and other extreme weather events. Without biodiversity to support all of these things, the life we live today would completely change. The natural ecosystems around us provide us with so much, and we can’t risk losing that.


Why Is Biodiversity Dying?

Biodiversity loss is a major concern and the main reason for it is human activity. Our actions are having negative effects on the ecosystems around us, from pollution and overexploitation to habitat loss and global warming. For example, when we cut down trees or clear big plots of land, either to extract minerals and goods or to make space for construction such as architecture or roads, we are damaging existing habitats. This reduces the number of places native species can live, which makes for an inhospitable environment. This drives a variety of species away and reduces the biodiversity in the area.


How Can We Improve Biodiversity?

To improve biodiversity, some fundamental changes in regard to how we act towards nature must happen. Below are some things we can all do to improve biodiversity:

  • Supporting local and regional projects designed to tackle biodiversity loss
  • Buying fewer new products or buying from brands that minimise their impact on the planet
  • Reducing waste of consumer goods like clothes, food and electrical appliances
  • Recycling more
  • Educating children about ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Implementing greener construction methods that are designed with nature in mind, i.e earth bags

For more information on how you can improve biodiversity in your area, enquire today at GeoGrow by visiting their website or calling 01543 224 800.

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