Mear Homes - Princes Risborough

Mear Homes - Princes Risborough

GeoGrow was employed by Mear Homes to install a high-performance stabilisation system to a failing earthen slope which had a residential road above and a watercourse below. The slope had failed mainly due to erosion issues at the base of the slope which caused a shallow plane failure along the full length of the slope.

The existing vegetation was removed, and the slope was regraded to achieve a flat surface in preparation for the installation. An ARMORMAX® Engineered Earth Armoring System™ comprising of a High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) and Engineered Earth Anchors™ (EEA) was approved for use, the turf reinforcement mat, anchors, and fixing pins are designed to work together to lock soil into place to provide a deep seated, long-term erosion protection system.

At the base of the slope, a rip-rap channel edge was installed to give extra erosion protection to the toe of the slope, after all the anchors and pins were installed the whole of the HPTRM was covered with 100mm of fresh topsoil.

The client specified a low maintenance grass mix with wildflower, a low growing deep rooted grass mix to enable the root system to grow firmly into the turf reinforcement mat securing the vegetation to the anchored system. GeoGrow’s in-house hydroseeding service provided a cost-effective, high-performance hydromulch a combination of materials including seeds, mulch, tackifier and fertiliser sprayed directly onto the slope.

Hydroseeding is a quick & easy process of spraying the mulch-mix directly onto the soils from the edge of the slope with the good soil used, quality seed and good weather germination was expected within 7-days.


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